The Transition from children’s book illustrator / trade and text, to print maker / mono prints, to artist in residence with the NJ State Council on the Arts, to digital print maker, spanned over 45 years. Howard left the field of children’s book illustration to find his direction. In 1989 he studied under the guidance of master print maker Roberto DeLamonica and discovered his voice. His Dog Series and Persona Series reflected that voice. Teaching children of all ages gave Howard a way to reconnect with childhood discovery. His Garden Series and Landscape Series  reflect that discovery.

New works recently exhibited, Death in the Valley of Eden  and Fall from Paradise #2, inspired by recent travels to Tanzania and Kenya marked a return to narrative imagery.  Most recently The Stars that Disappeared,  The Killing  and The Man that Climbed Out of a Hole, written and illustrated by Howard;  a book of illustrated poetry in progress.  Recent travel to the Adriatic / Croatia, Bosnia, Slovenia, Montenegro fueled both written and visual works, albeit dark: Mostar, Anguished Woman  and  Anguished Woman on a Field of words.

Howard has come full circle from illustrating children’s books in the beginning of his career, now establishing both a written and visual voice, uniquely his own.

Additionally, Howard has been fortunate to be a permanent roster teaching artist for the New Jersey State Council on the arts, Art -in Education Program, teaching throughout the metropolitan area for the past 25 years .  Teaching children of all ages gave me a way in which to reconnect with childhood discovery.  I have learned greatly from children’s innocence, their unfiltered, talented, inquisitive young minds that so willingly entered into their own world of imagination with unabashed joy and exuberance. 

Examples of school based art forms are below.


Art in Education / Artist-in-Residence: Teaching Artist for the following organizations:
NJ State Council on the Arts, Art in Education Program; permanent roster artist
Registered Provider for Professional Development Workshops for State of NJ
Project Impact

Professional Development Workshops
2005-2004:  PS811X Bronx, NY., language arts workshops and mask making for developmentally challenged students.   2003: Children’s Aid and Family Services, mask making.   Bayshore Jointure, Advanced paper engineering/ stage sets.   PS 60, Paper engineering Parents and Teachers.    Paterson Public Schools,  mask making.   Union School, Rutherford, NJ Murals.   NYC Community School District 08 & 09, Puppet Workshops.  2002:  Mentor for teaching artists for the NJ State Council on the arts.   ATI Artist Teacher Institute / William Paterson University / NJ State council on the Arts Mask workshops.   District 18, Brooklyn, Professional Development, Mask workshop.   Professional Development Workshop Washington School, Trenton, NJ Book Arts workshop.   NJ PAC Arts Basic to the Curriculum, Mask workshop.   2001: ATI Artist Teacher Institute William Paterson University / NJ State council on the arts. Mural and masks.
Professional Development Workshop, murals. Paterson School District, core curriculum standards.   Professional Development PS 12 Woodside Queens. Masks.   Union City Professional Development at HMDC/masks.   Professional Development at Sand hill Center / Arts Horizons. Mural workshop, core curriculum standards.   New Jersey Arts Education Collective / Arts Horizons, Professional development workshops.

Murals 2005 - 2000:  
Veteran’s Memorial Elementary School, Union City NJ.     Union School, Rutherford NJ:  cooperative mural with parents and over 750 students. (2004).    Scared Heart School, Lyndhurst, NJ, Modular Mural with entire school Population K-8.    IS232 Brooklyn, Dist.18 Murals & masks.    PS62 Brooklyn..    IS184 Bronx/mural,  Clinton Public School. Permanent wall mural.   PS62 Queens, murals,   Our Lady of the Magnificat, NJ,          PS 156 Queens, murals, 3&5 grades story interpretation.  

Mask Workshops: 2013-2000  
Jefferson School , New Rochelle, NY,    Central School & Byrd School Glenn Rock, NJ,   Franklin Township
PS22, the Bronx,   The Craig School,   PS 94, Bronx,   River Dell, NJ,   PS 22, Staten Island,   PS 79,   Gavlak & Jefferson Schools,   Sacred heart School, Lyndhurst, NJ, K-8Orchard School,   Shelter of Our Sisters, Teaneck, NJ ,   PS94 Bronx,   Union City Convocation, masks,    Washington School, Union County, NJ,      NYC Community School,   PS101 Brooklyn, Arts Horizons, Masks   

 Book Arts Workshops: 2013 -2000
Jefferson School, New Rochelle, NY,    Byrd School, Glen Rock, NJ,   Roosevelt School,  Union City, NJ,           IS 51 NY Community School district 31, Staten Island,   PS57, Staten Island,   Washington School, Union county, NJ,   PS30 Richmond,   Port Monmouth Road School, Lakehurst School,   Frelinghuysen Middle School,   River Dell, NJ.  7th & 8th. Grades,   French Hills, 2nd. Grade,   Union City Board of Education at HMDC convocation,   Wood Glen Elementary.

Puppet Workshops 2011- 2000
Franklin Township School, Washington, NJ,   Steen School, Bogota, NJ,   Lakehurst School, Lakehurst NJ, Book arts,   Washington School, Hawthorn, Puppets,   Edison School, Union City NJ,   PS 46 NY.

Illustration Workshops / NJ School of Visual Art, NJ State Department of Education
Fair lawn High School NJ, Illustration,   Essex County Votech, Illustration,   New Milford HS, illustration,  Bergen County Special Services, Project Impact,   North Bergen HS,   illustration,   Lipman Hall / Artist’s Collective for Social Change.

1999 and earlier:
PS101 Brooklyn / Arts Horizons, Masks,       Washington Elementary/masks, Project Impact,    Hoboken convocation at HMDC masks,    Joseph Caruso School/masks / Project Impact,    Collier school/ masks / Project Impact,    Sussex Avenue Elementary School / puppets / Project Impact,   Woodrow Wilson School/book arts / Project impact.     Deveruex Deerhaven, shelter for abused women, mask residency / Union City high School /  Printmaking NJSA / NJ State Dept. of Education,    PS 16, Jersey City / Arts genesis. 1999,     Cornerstone School, Jersey City, NJ / NJ State Council on the Arts 7th. & 8th. Mobiles, structures & masks.      Artist exemplar at Benjamin Franklin Elementary School, Ridgewood, NJ,       PS 54 Brooklyn, 3rd & 5th grade, murals, / Artsgenesis,     PS114 arts integration, puppets / Artsgenesis.      PS59 arts integration, murals / Artsgenesis.     Sussex Avenue School, Newark, NJ.  Arts integration, murals, / Artsgenesis.     1997 Teaching artist, professional development workshop / Artsgenesis.     3/97-6/97,  PS262 Brooklyn, 4th grade, artist in residence and project director, MI Theory, Arts Integration / Artsgenesis,      10/96-1/97  PS162 New York. third & fourth grade, arts integration, MI Theory / Artsgenesis  1/96-5/96,     Grant Elementary School, Trenton,  NJ State Council on the Arts and Isles Inc. an environmental awareness group / third grade outdoor mural project.      1995-96   Design and implement district-wide art based mentor program, collaborate with creative writer/poet at Linden School District.  1996 Very Special Arts / students with developmental disabilities.    1995 Art-based Education / visual art and language art collaborative workshops with 6th. and 7th grade at risk and basic skills deficient students, Soehl Middle School,   6/27-7/21/95 (summer program) and McManus Middle School, 1/31-4/15/95, Linden, NJ /  Create silk screened art, produce limited edition books / NJ State Council on the Art, s      1994 Lakeland Andover School for Handicapped Students.  1994 Eligible for Provisional New Jersey State Teacher Certification in Art Education, Provisional Teacher Program Alternate Route,     1994  Project Director, Current Identities Project / Aljira Newark, NJ,   1994 Parsippany-Troy Hills Township School District, Artist-in-Residence at  Rockaway Meadow Elementary School  (5/94-6/94), 1993 Artist in residence, Parsippany-Troy Hills Township School District, Knoll Wood, Littleton, Troy Hills, Intervale (4/15-5/15/93), collaborative, from story through book production.  1994 Instructor, Art Center of Northern NJ.